The funds held by the General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust were originally contributed by nurses and were transferred over to the Trust by the General Nursing Council which regulated the nursing profession in England and Wales for over 60 years.

The Trustees feel that they can best keep faith with this heritage by applying the income from the funds in such a way so as to promote the development of nursing for the benefit of society. This in turn will contribute to the enhancement of the profession because it is through standards of practice and conduct that a profession gains in recognition and respect.

In considering applications for nursing research grants, the Trustees are mindful of the objects of the Trust and the desire to enhance the profession of nursing, rather than any one individual who is a member of that profession.


 GRANT APPLICATIONS FOR 2016 have now been granted and successful applicants notified.Please see Grants information for fuller details .

GRANT APPLICATIONS FOR 2017 Applications for grants may now be submitted with a closing date of Tuesday 7th February 2017. Please see section on APPLY FOR GRANT for a more specific focus on this years funding .


 Any prospective applicants should follow the information on the website

  If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary 


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GNCT Objects

The objects of the Trust for the public benefit are:

  • To advance the science and art of nursing.

  • To advance the better education and training of student nurses training for a statutory nursing qualification, and the further education and training of Registered Nurses.

  • To promote research and investigation into matters relating to nursing.

  • To relieve persons who, by reason of age or infirmity, have retired from or are unable to continue active nursing.

  • To make grants to, or provide practical assistance in the furtherance of, the objects of The Nurses Welfare Service (or any successor body).