About the General Nursing Council Trust

The General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust is a Charitable organisation governed by a Trust Deed, which was signed on 20 June 1983 (the Trust was registered in the Central Register of Charities on 14 November 1983, its registration number being 288068) and by an Order, effective from 5 March 2004, which altered the Charity’s Trust.

This Trust was established when the General Nursing Council for England and Wales, a regulatory body for the nursing profession in England and Wales during the preceding 60 years, was disestablished under Section 21, Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979. Consequently, the organisation’s stocks, shares and property were transferred to the Trust.

  • Professor Kate Gerrish CBE (Chairman)
  • Professor Susan Procter
  • Professor Dinah Gould
  • Professor Janice Sigsworth
  • Mrs Maureen Morgan OBE
  • Mr Alan Haddon